Saybrook Park Recreation

Saybrook Park in East Los Angeles received a much-needed renovation to its recreation center that included re-roofing the entire building, replacing all HVAC units on the roof, replacing electrical switchgear and sub panels, installing new LED lighting and controls, removal and replacement of VCT flooring, adding new storefront doors, and renovation of the restrooms. The building contained asbestos that required removal and safe disposal. Public access was controlled by fencing and impacted recreational programs were relocated to a nearby park during construction activities. The park served as a COVID vaccination location and food distribution area so the Contractor was not allowed to work on the days of these activities. Electrical service interruptions were also necessary to complete the work so a plan was developed to work around the park’s schedule to avoid disruptions to activities. Simpson & Simpson served as Project/Construction Manager.

Los Angeles County Internal Services Department

Los Angeles, CA

Market Sector

Facility Reinvestment Program

PM/CM and Project Controls Services

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