Wayfinding/Renaming Program

Simpson & Simpson serves as the primary liaison and airport/owner representative responsible for LAX's Wayfinding Renaming Program, which encompasses all areas from landside (parking and roads) to the terminal/concourse/secured side (all passenger-facing) to the airfield (gating identification), including all supporting IT interfaces. Our role is to provide a comprehensive vision for the renaming initiative, while effectively managing the intricate details and necessary activations to ensure a flawless execution without disrupting airport or airline operations. We collaborate successfully with key stakeholders, combining a keen understanding of the finer aspects involved in signage design concepts, installation, and activation. Simpson & Simpson engages in planning and establishes program goals, devising methodologies to achieve them based on a deep understanding of owner objectives, contract terms, and airport policies. We collaborate with team members and airport management to develop budgets, schedules, and strategic plans for the various project elements, all within a timely framework. We conduct thorough field surveys and investigations to capture precise and detailed information about the existing conditions, enabling informed design and construction decisions.

Los Angeles World Airport

Los Angeles, CA

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Wayfinding/Renaming Program Management

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