LAWA Capital Project Soft Cost Analysis and Recommendation

Simpson & Simpson plays a key role in managing and analyzing data collected from LAWA to actively participate in the review processes of program data. This involves benchmarking industry norms, analyzing current baselines, and identifying potential savings. Our work includes developing a soft cost estimation approach for Tenant Improvement projects and providing appropriate logistics support. Simpson & Simpson team resources work collaboratively with LAWA staff to review relevant project financial data and outline the internal systems and tools needed to adequately and accurately track, manage, and implement policies and procedures developed specifically for Program Soft Cost Management. This process is iterative, with the refinement of outputs being reintroduced through a feedback loop to enhance future methodologies. This iterative approach ensures that estimates, schedules, resource allocation, staff planning, and the required tools effectively manage program expenditures and generate desired results for future projections.

Los Angeles World Airport

Los Angeles, CA

Market Sector


Managing and Analyzing Data

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