Taxiway Concrete Recommendations and Information Review

Simpson & Simpson helps in managing the provision of specialty services related to Portland Cement Concrete (PCC). This includes reviewing conformed Contract Documents such as Technical Specifications, as well as Contractor Submittals for PCC production, placement, and finishing. Our team examines various elements, including mix designs, technical equipment submittals, paving plans, QC (Quality Control) plans, and other PCC-related work plans like control strips. Our scope of services also involve the review of PCC sampling and testing reports, which are the outcome of implementing the QC Plan. We attend the placement of Test Strips and assess the PCC placement process, including visits to batch plants and a review of QC testing procedures. Based on our evaluations, we provide LAWA with recommendations to enhance the PCC production, placement, and finishing processes.

Los Angeles, CA

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Specialty Services Related to Portland Cement Concrete

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